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Celemony Melodyne plugin audio editor

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Celemony Melodyne Plug-in

Celemony Melodyne Plug-in

Celemony Melodyne Plug-in integrates the most important of Melodyne's functions directly into a host sequencer. Correct pitch and timing, quantize audio, restructure melodies and more - it has never been so easy. Supported interfaces are VST, AU and RTAS.With the ultra-flexible Melodyne plug-in, editing audio becomes fast and easy. Thanks to its musical display, unique time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms, unmatched sound quality and intuitive operation, Melodyne plug-in makes the resolution of timing and intonation problems child's play, thereby simplifying, and increasing the efficiency of, day-to-day music production in the studio. At the same time, Melodyne plug-in offers fantastic creative possibilities way beyond the scope of conventional audio software.Melodyne plug-in's main area of application is the intuitive correction of the intonation and timing of vocal recordings - a sensitive task it performs supremely well and in the highly musical manner for which Melodyne software is known all over the world. Once you have transferred to Melodyne plug-in the passages you wish to edit, you can edit with great precision the pitch, vibrato, drift, timing, volume, and formants of every note in the recording individually! Intelligent tools that adapt automatically to the current task streamline the workflow, whilst for the two commonest tasks, correcting errors of intonation and timing, Melodyne plug-in provides the Correct Pitch and Quantize Time macros that allow you to optimize an entire recording with a single mouse-click. With Melodyne plug-in you can edit and optimize not only vocals but also single-voice instrumental recordings as well as drum and percussion tracks in an extraordinarily flexible way. With a drum loop, for example, you can alter the position, length, pitch and volume of individual hits, straighten up the timing, make the whole loop swing, or even give it an entirely new rhythm through re-quantization. Melodyne's famous algorithm for single-voice material as well as a new algorithm for percussive material ensure that even when you introduce extreme modifications, the results remain impressively natural and the sound quality is in no way impaired. The programmable scale snap function provides for harmonically correct transposition, and the multi-level Undo function for relaxed editing. Virtual knobs that can be automated in the host and controlled via MIDI offer real-time control of Pitch, Formants, and Volume. NOTE: Crossgrades (from Auto-Tune, Waves Tune, et al.), Loyalty Offers (Melodyne plugin for half the price to existing customers), and even a free Melodyne plug-in for registered users of Melodyne Studio are available.

Platform: Windows, Mac OS X

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